About us

About us

Working together for Waikato

Since its formation in 2012, the Waikato Mayoral Forum has been collaboratively and successfully pursuing its goal of working together to develop tangible benefits for the region through greater local government co-operation.

The forum – made up of mayors and the regional council chair – has initiated a series of workstreams aimed at improving joint planning, economic development and local government efficiency generally.

Two of these workstreams have now become standalone, independent processes:

  • a joint committee of council representatives is overseeing the creation of a common Waikato Plan to guide the region’s future

  • a business-led governance body is implementing the Waikato Means Business economic development strategy.

Other workstreams covering the key areas of policy and bylaws, water services and roading have also been delivering tangible results in, successively, the areas of cutting red tape, positioning councils for major water savings and significant efficiencies on roading services. All this work dovetails with related efforts by councils through the jointly owned Waikato Local Authority Shared Services company to drive savings and other efficiencies.

Our site gives a high-level overview of the benefits of the forum’s Waikato way of co-operating and provides links for those who want more detailed information.